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Why Sell Now?

The metrics below as well as the Market Statistics Report will give you an understanding of past and current Market Conditions. Please use this powerful tool to take advantage of the Sellers market we are currently in.  Now is a great time to sell.

 Click for detailed Market Conditions Statistics Report

Dollar Volume of sales for single family homes

Economists' note : Dollar Volume is simply the sum of all sale prices in a given time period, and can quickly be calculated by multiplying Closed Sales by Average Sale Price. It is a strong indicator of the health of the real estate industry in a market, and is of particular interest to real estate professionals, investors, analysts, and government agencies. Potential home sellers and home buyers, on the other hand, will likely be better served by paying attention to trends in the two components of Dollar Volume (i.e. sales and prices) individually. 


Closed Sales for single family homes

Economists' note : Closed Sales are one of the simplest—yet most important—indicators for the residential real estate market. When comparing Closed Sales across markets of different sizes, we recommend comparing the percent changes in sales rather than the number of sales. Closed Sales (and many other market metrics) are affected by seasonal cycles, so actual trends are more accurately represented by year-over-year changes (i.e. comparing a month's sales to the amount of sales in the same month in the previous year), rather than changes from one month to the next. 


 Monthly inventory of active listings for single family homes

Economists' note : MSI is a useful indicator of market conditions. The benchmark for a balanced market (favoring neither buyer nor seller) is 5.5 months of inventory. Anything higher is traditionally a buyers' market, and anything lower is a sellers' market. There is no single accepted way of calculating MSI. A common method is to divide current Inventory by the most recent month's Closed Sales count, but this count is a usually poor predictor of future Closed Sales due to seasonal cycles. To eliminate seasonal effects, we use the 12-month average of monthly Closed Sales instead. 

  Median days between orginal list date and contract date

Economists' note : Like Time to Sale, Time to Contract is a measure of the length of the home selling process calculated for sales which closed during the month. The difference is that Time to Contract measures the number of days between the initial listing of a property and the signing of the contract which eventually led to the closing of the sale. When the gap between Median Time to Contract and Median Time to Sale grows, it is usually a sign of longer closing times and/or declining numbers of cash sales.