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Hire A Pro To Represent You

Why Using a Pro Gets You More

Buying a house is usually one of the biggest purchases in an individual's life.    A Real Estate Professional can guide you through this extremely complicated process. Once you have browsed online resources, like MLSListings.com to find properties you are interested in – a Real Estate Professional will protect your best interests, and know the pitfalls to avoid, get you in to see the properties you are most interested in viewing, and most importantly are experts at crafting offers in competitive bidding situations. 


According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), about 80 percent of homes are sold with the help of a Real Estate Professional, and for good reason. The conditions that go into making a smart purchase or sale of a home  are constantly changing. You may not deal with these factors on a daily basis, but real estate agents do.

The efficiency of an agent will far exceed that of the ‘average Joe’ when it comes to this process. If you’re on the fence about whether to use a professional or not, here are a few reasons you should consider working with a Real Estate Professional when buying a home.

Neighborhood Knowledge

Real Estate Agent has intimate knowledge of specific neighborhoods and their market conditions. An agent’s hyper-local knowledge about sales prices and the price per square foot of comparable homes in the area will help in understanding a property’s true market value. An agent can also help identify the type of property that matches your budget and requirements, and can save you time by eliminating houses that don’t fit your needs.


The ability to remove personal emotion from a property also makes agents better at negotiating than a home owner. The art of negotiating can be quite complex, and it is a skill Real Estate Agents are not only trained in, but one they practice everyday. This also makes using a Real Estate Professional a distinct advantage for both buyers and sellers when accepting or countering offers.


A standard purchase agreement today is filled with legal jargon, runs a minimum of 10 pages and can run up to 20 pages in length or more. Contracts also involve federal and state mandated disclosure policies in which agents are well-versed, and for which a listing broker accepts legal responsibility. Without such protections and vigilance, a seller is exposed to potential legal ramifications for failing to disclose certain features about the property.